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This morning I was reading about just doing a small thing that can create a big ripple. My small thing to do? Donate to Donors Choose.

If you haven’t heard of them, Donors Choose is a non-profit group that funds grants for teachers. It is a simple process (grants can be written in an hour or so) that can net you great results.

As I work with teachers across the U.S., they often tell me, “I’d love to have a big book easel, but our school can’t afford to buy me one.” That’s where Donors Choose comes in! Write a mini-grant for a big book easel (or crayons and paper and scissors or a classroom digital camera, etc.) and get what you need for your kids.

Here are some of the thank-you’s I’ve received from funding projects at Donors Choose. I hope you’ll consider either writing a grant or helping to fund one.

What small thing will you choose to do today to help someone else?




Dear Debbie! Thank you for the awesome cameras! That was kind and thoughtful. You are total awesomeness. (Don't tell Janie I said that.) The kind always get rewarded. So I am sure you will be rewarded. Wish you good luck on the road of life.


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