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A fifth-grade teacher in Denver Public Schools shared a great idea for reading response that her students love! She makes a tic-tac-toe board with a variety of reading responses on it. She got these ideas from searching the Internet and her own resources.
Students choose which reading response they’d like to do after finishing a book from independent reading time. They color in the square to show they’ve completed a response. The goal is to fill in X number of spaces per X number of weeks. You do the math and decide if you want them to do 3 in a row, black-out, or a specified amount of responses in a certain number of weeks. She said the kids really like the choice factor and the variety of responses they might do.
Let us know if you try this and how your students respond.

A fifth-grade teacher with a tic-tac-toe response sheet

A fifth-grade teacher with a tic-tac-toe response sheet


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