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While working in Tennessee with upper grade teachers this week, we looked at how to have students make a class ABC book related to a content-area topic. After viewing the ABC Book clip in 5th grade from my video, Stepping Up with Stations, teachers each made an ABC book page. First we brainstormed words from A-Z that went with our topic of study– literacy work stations. Then each teacher made a page for the book to experience the process.
Some things we noticed:
  • it was a great way to review what we’d learned
  • we enjoyed talking with a friend while we worked
  • you could use a book for reference
  • if we weren’t good at drawing, a partner could help
I modeled how to make an ABC book page first. If this were at a station, we’d have directions (brainstormed with students) of how to make an ABC book page. We’d also have books related to the topic of study, a list of words to choose from created by the class, and blank pages ready to fill in for the book. Here are some photos of our work. If you have an ABC Book station in your classroom, we’d love to see what your students are doing, too!

First, we made a chart together of vocabulary related to our content topic of study (literacy work stations, in this case)


Teachers use a template to create individual pages for the class ABC book


Sample pages for A and Z

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