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A snowy day…in Houston?

Yes, it snowed in Houston on Friday. Amazing! Having grown up in the North, I’m typically not impressed by the hoopla that accompanies possible¬†wintry weather in Houston. But today it snowed big ole flakes for about 4 hours. I must admit, I got a bit excited, too! Snow in Houston is a rarity.

I was in first grade this morning, and Mary Brown, the teacher, said, “Look, kids. There are big white snowflakes falling!” All the kids turned and looked out the windows with their mouths open wide. When we started math stations today, a bunch of them gathered by the window to watch. When I got home, the golf course by our home was turning white. An unheard of sight in our city!

So, it was quite a day here. Hope you’re enjoying winter (even if a bit early) wherever you are.

First graders gather by the window to look at the snow

Snow falling outside of Martin Elementary

Snow on the golf course behind our house

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