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“Sometimes it’s okay to have a ‘good enough’ day.”

 Years ago, when I was a mother of two young children my mother-in-law whom I adored, Hila Diller, traveled from PA to TX to visit us for a few days. Wanting to be ultra-organized, I’d created a system for keeping track of the jobs I needed to do at home. I had index cards for daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that I rotated accordingly. It was insane, but sweet Hila said not a word, as she watched me scurry around like a chicken with my head cut off!

A few weeks after her visit, a book arrived in the mail for me. It was called What to Do When You Can’t Do It All, and inside was a short note that said, “This book helped me a lot. Thought you might like it, too. Love, Hila.” What a wonderful mother-in-law I had!

One thought from this (now out-of-print) book that has stayed with me for over 20 years is this: Sometimes you can’t do it all, and it’s okay to do a “good enough” job. I strive to do my best at everything and give 100%, but that’s just not possible all the time. I accept that some days are “good enough” days.

Peace comes from accepting “good enough” from time to time.

Peace be with you,


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