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Best CD Player for Young Children
Last week a teacher asked me what’s the best CD player for young children to manage on their own. Great question! Several years ago, I found a Fisher Price one with a built-in microphone. The 4-year olds loved it! We had kids use it for retelling, and even the quiet ones loved talking and listening back to their voices. Of course, after I found this model, they discontinued it! My favorite would be one that plays and records.
Let me know which CD player your young children can use on their own. Thanks for your help!

Simple CD player in kindergarten has colored dots for ease of use

Rebus Recipes Requested
Some early childhood educators I’ve worked with have a snack center where kids can prepare their own snacks.
I’m looking for recipes with rebus art directions that are simple for kids to prepare on their own. It would be great if the snacks were healthy, too! Any books or website recommendations would be appreciated. I did find one recipe I loved that I’ll post here. Please send me other ideas you have, too. Thanks!
Cheese and Apricot Cut-Out Snacks
You will need:
  • pieces of white American cheese
  • dried apricots
  • small metal cookie cutters
Have children place one apricot on one piece of white American cheese. Then they cut through both with a metal cookie cutter. Remove the extra pieces (which can be eaten, or used to cut out more decorations!). You have a beautiful snack to eat, too.

Materials needed to make this snack.

Finished snack of cheese and apricot

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