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“A mentor can be a peace resource.”

My mentor has already been down a path that is new to me. She shares valuable information which is a comfort to me, because she has already experienced what I am going through. A mentor might be a colleague, as mine is. Or she might be a friend, as mine has become.

I met Laura Robb at NCTE. We presented together in Philadelphia and learned we had much in common. We are both writers and consultants; we love teaching and literacy; we are nurturers. She became my mentor because I asked.  She is helping me through a difficult season, because she is equipped by life to do so. Recently she gave me such wise counsel that I hung a picture of her with a speech bubble quoting her wise words in my office.

Laura listens. She helps me reflect. She gives advice as I ask for it. She is wisdom. And wisdom brings peace.

May you find a mentor that can bring you wisdom and peace. You just have to ask.

Peace be with you,


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