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Do you have a mentor? If not, it may be time to find one. Be mindful of people you meet who have wisdom to share, because they have already been on a path you are now finding yourself on. Look for someone who has wisdom and grace, who conducts himself/herself in a way that you respect.

A mentor can be a peace resource. Just ask. The right one will say, “Yes.” Or perhaps someone has asked you to be their mentor. It may be time for you to say, “Yes” to another who needs your wisdom. Join together as peace partners.

Have a peaceful weekend,

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What a great day I had working with language arts teachers at Stehlik Intermediate in Houston, too! These teachers really knew how to tackle the state test in grades 5 and 6 with a creative touch! They had students making up their own questions, working together to analyze and justify answers, and using state test question stems as guides to discussions in literature circles. All great activities that work well at literacy work stations with a test prep twist.

Here’s a snapshot of what I saw on my recent visit there.

Using fine art to teach inference

Anchor chart for plot structure

Teacher facilitates vocabulary and grammar work. These kids love using the thesaurus!

Character analysis anchor chart


Guided reading at a small group table

Small group using a bank of student desks

Yellow and red pieces of paper to signal for help at each station

Research station

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