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Recently, I found a little book in a gift shop. Small Graces: The Quiet Gifts of Everyday Life by Kent Nerburn. In one piece, he writes about “the gift of the garden.” My grandmother, Huldah, and my father, Fred Royer, both instilled their love of gardens in me. Here is a sampling of Kent Nerburn’s words:

At least once in the course of a day, I try to contemplate a garden. The season does not matter. The weightlessness of snow, the timelessness of rocks, the timebound mutability of plants, the fragile immediacy of flowers—somewhere within is a lesson that will touch my heart and link me, if just for a moment, with the universal rhythms that are the source of all true peace.

One of my favorite classroom memories is of the spring I planted a container garden with my first graders. So many lessons learned in that place. Working in the garden alongside my children was one of our most peaceful of times. May you find time this week to spend in a garden.

Peace be with you,

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