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A few weekends ago our church had the coolest service project! It’s called Project 180 and that’s what it’s designed to do. We have adopted our two neighborhood schools, Paul Revere Middle School and Walnut Bend Elementary and about 1000 folks work together to spruce up those schools!
This year, one thing we did was to give classrooms a fresh coat of paint. Teachers got to choose their colors, and we went to work in teams. I got assigned to the light blue paint team. I was wearing that color all weekend, despite my best efforts to stay clean!
Other teams put together furniture (glad I wasn’t on that team!), made cushions for benches, created floral arrangements for the library, and did general freshening up. We also had a free community picnic for all who wanted to attend along with a carnival at no cost to those in attendance. The worship band played live music, and the day was a blessing to all!

Just think what would happen if every church, synagogue, or temple teamed up with their neighborhood schools for a day like this! If anyone is interested, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with those who organized our event. They’d love to spread the word!

Volunteers cover new bench cushions

Kids and volunteers paint walls at the middle school

Cheerleaders cheer us on in the hallways

Putting together IKEA furniture

Many hands make light work in giving school a new look

Decorating the library with some new greenery

Community picnic

Painting a quote on the library wall

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