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It’s a contest!

I’d love to hear about book studies you’re doing with my books. Recently in Richmond, many of you told me about the book studies you’re doing with my books and DVDs. Please share your ideas with others via my blog. Or email me at d.diller@live.com.
Here are a few to get you started:
  • Wine & DVD Party- One school watched my DVDs at an in-school professional development. However, the teachers wanted to study them in depth. So they borrowed the videos from the county and planned a party for Friday night. The teachers met at one of their homes, brought along a bottle (or maybe two) of wine, and had a Movie Night. They watched the DVDs, paused and replayed where they wanted to look deeper, and relaxed with a glass of wine. What a fun idea!
  •  Beach Party Book Study- Some of you shared that you met at the beach with one of my books to do a book study. I need pictures of that one!
  •  Extreme Classroom Makeovers- One literacy coach arranged for teachers to come to school on a Saturday to declutter classrooms. There were special invitations mailed to all ahead of time, a catered lunch, and large pickup trucks to haul away the overflow. End result: more space for children!
Let me know about upcoming book studies you’re planning. Send in your ideas, and the winner will receive a “guest visit from Debbie” via phone!

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