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Often when I visit schools, teachers explain that they have too many students and don’t know how they can possibly do stations. Last week in Denver Public Schools (Denver, CO), I found folks that have overcome this issue at Valverde Elementary and Castro Elementary Look at how they’ve done it!
A kindergarten teacher took my advice, and cloned some stations. She has TWO listening stations, as pictured!

Listening station I

Listening station II

A first grade teacher has 35 plus students in one small classroom! He has some students sit at his small group teaching table; others sit at low tables (with table legs removed for the illusion of more space). There are no assigned seats. Here are some photos of his room (Those two adults you see are a student intern and his substitute for the day.)

35 kids in one classroom with tables for everyone!

Some kids use the guided reading table as their desk

Low tables create the feeling of more space

How have you solved similar problems in your classroom? Leave your ideas in the comments section!

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