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Gardening fiasco

It’s summer here. Blazing summer!

I decided we needed some pots with plants by our fountain in the backyard. After visiting just about every nursery in town, I found the perfect pots. They were on sale, too! Only $20. They were lightweight, made of fiberglass, and would blend perfectly with the stone fountain. They had a few little cracks near the top but nothing major. I could repair them.

So, I took them home, leveled the ground, laid down some stone, filled the pots with dirt, and planted the flowers. Took hours. Sweated bullets. Battled fire ants. Got sunburnt. But the pots looked lovely. Two days later, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. One of them had turned into the Leaning Tower of Pots!

The darn thing had collapsed. So much for my bargain. Back to the nursery I went. This time I got big ceramic pots. Lovely. Not $20! And I could barely lift them. A high school friend carried them from my car into the backyard. I replanted, wore sunscreen this time, and voila! Lovely summer pots.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer, too.

Leaning tower of pots

New pots planted with gardenia, bird of paradise, penta, coleus, angelonia, sweet potato vine, vinca, and rudbeckia by backyard fountain

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