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All the elementary teachers in Republic, MO are moving classrooms this year. The district is reconfiguring schools. After we set up several classrooms there, two charts appeared in the school office the next morning. One says, “I Have Extra….” and the other is titled, “I Need…” Teachers jotted down notes to communicate with each other about their needs. Great idea!!!


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Last week in Republic, MO I did training on Spaces & Places. We reflected on classroom essentials. We mapped out our classrooms and even set up two rooms as a group.

Here are some of the things K-5 teachers there said they would give up this year….

  • glitter! (much of it in the cabinet was dried up)
  • big birthday cake display on the wall (takes up too much space)
  • twirly stuff hanging from the ceiling (that distracts some students)
  • my big “Hoppy Helpers” frog chart (takes up more space than needed)
  • the 6 ft. tall chart with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division symbols on it (it serves no purpose except to cover up a wall)
  • my teacher desk (I just pile stuff on it)

One teacher told me, “I slept so soundly last night knowing that I don’t have to spend all that time decorating my walls before school begins!”

What will you give up this year, so you can leave space for children in your classroom?

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