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Early in the 21st century, my friend, Sheron Brown, wrote a series of books I loved called All Sorts of Sorts. We lost Sheron to cancer several years ago, and I miss her terribly. Every time I do word sorting with teachers, vivid memories of Sheron pop into my mind, and I wish I could call to tell her what we did. Sheron and I had the privilege of presenting together at IRA, and I’ll never forget when we appeared at the conference in San Antonio to do word study and work stations with the many teachers there! We were walking to the room, and there was a huge line outside the door. “I wonder who’s presenting in there?” we pondered. And then discovered that it was us! (:

While in Humble ISD this week, I again shared Sheron’s books, available now only at www.trcabc.com. I shared many different ways to sort with teachers there. One group of teachers created a sample of a chart they’d like to make with their kids this year to remind them how to sort words during word study. Love it! They, of course, will make the chart with the class.

All Sorts of Sorts by Sheron Brown

Sample chart showing kids a variety of ways to sort words (over time, of course!)

A mom brought her daughter to training one afternoon, and she participated in the fun, too. Look at the chart she was inspired to make after listening to how her teachers should present word study! (Animals and Accessories)

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