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Recently, I began working with a wonderful first grade teacher in Houston ISD. We looked at what he’s teaching about high frequency words and beginning sounds. I made some suggestions to maximize his resources and help children make connections with what he’s teaching. Here are some before and after photos:

Before: The sound cards he's teaching with were posted high on a wall in the order they were introduced. It will be hard for kids to access these after a bunch are introduced.

Before: Words were placed on cabinet doors in the back of the classroom. They were far away from the whole group teaching area, and it could be hard for some kids to connect to. There was a mixture of high frequency words and other vocabulary.

After: The word wall has been moved to a wall beside the whole group teaching area. Sound cards have been added to the word wall to make stronger connections and for ease of use by the children. Only high frequency words are placed on this wall

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