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Meet the author(s)

It’s always fun to connect with old friends. Recently I had dinner with my friends, Carol Lutz and Cara Jean Rayl, from Kokomo, IN. They drove over to Lafayette to join me for dinner. We had such fun laughing, talking, and thinking about what’s new in education. Cara Jean brought a book for me to sign for her grandchild’s teacher. I shared my new work on math stations with them, and we chatted about the book Carol wrote about teaching writing for Really Good Stuff.

Hannah, Carol’s granddaughter who is a first grader, came by to meet us, too. Hannah looked at my Literacy Work Stations book and told me that her teacher has this in her classroom. She said she’s seen it! So we took a picture to send to her teacher from our “Meet the Author” night. I told Hannah to email me, and we could be penpals. Her eyes lit up when I told her my first story was published in our school newspaper when I was seven years old. “That’s my age!” she beamed. I love meeting young authors!

Cara Jean and I look at the Math Work Stations manuscript on my laptop

Debbie, Hannah, and Carol- authors all!

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