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I know many of you have been waiting for this moment and it’s finally here! You can now pre-order Math Work Stations on the Stenhouse website. The book will ship in late December/early January, but if you order now you get free shipping and it will come to you hot off the press!

To get free shipping, click here and during checkout enter the code MATHWS.

How exciting is this?

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Grand opening

I’ve found that when opening literacy stations, slow and steady wins the race! I recommend introducing just one station at a time, including about 3 new stations a week (depending on your grade level). Recently, a teacher I met told me that she holds a “Grand Opening” for each new station as she introduces it. She places a balloon by that station to show that it’s the new one to be introduced that day. I love this idea! Making a ceremony about opening each new station gives it special attention and gives students something to look forward to as the year progresses.

If you’d like to inform parents about how literacy stations replace traditional seatwork, you might send home a flyer announcing your “grand openings.” The flyer could include a photo of the stations and what children will do there. I’ve included a sample to get you started. (Substitute your own stations and photos). Older students could design their own informational flyers to tell parents about the independent work they are doing at school. Celebrate with a grand opening!

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