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Math data station

Recently I worked with a second grade teacher who was teaching her students about collecting data and recording it on a variety of graphs. As a class, they collected data about which food was their favorite, and then they made a table, pictograph, and bar graph to represent the information. As I watched the lesson, I thought about how this could be moved into a math station for further investigation and practice.

Together we brainstormed questions kids wanted to use for collecting data in the class. I wrote each question on an index card and added a small illustration to help students who needed support in reading them. These will be placed at a math station along with recording sheets. Students will collect data and record their findings using tables, pictographs, or bar graphs. They may also write questions to use for interpreting the data. I duplicated the cards so that several pairs of children can use these materials at once.

Mrs. Ahmed records data and models how to make a table

We make an anchor chart together about the kinds of graphs

Survey questions were made with the class and will be placed at a math station

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