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Poetry Friday: Cardinals

For Christmas, my son gave me a bird feeder. Just waiting for the birds to find it now!

Also got a new book of poetry from the folks at Charlesbridge Publishing called The Robin Makes a Laughing Sound: A Birder’s Journal by Sallie Wolf. It would be great to use at an observation station in grades 2-4! Here’s a sampling:


Rubies in the snow,
berry beaks.
Twelve cardinals in my snowy backyard.
Six pairs!

You are friends now, companions.
But when the snow melts,
when your colors fade a little,
when it’s nesting time?

I remember two red enemies last spring,
chasing, chasing each other through
my obstacle-course backyard.
Over the fence. Under the maple.
Around the house. Into the alley.
A two-week-long tournament to win this territory.

But when the nesting is done, the babies grown,
when leaves turn the colors of cardinals?
You are friends again,
companions for the lonely winter.

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