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I spent four wonderful days with non-public school teachers in Archbald, PA through the NE IU-19 in late March. Although high winds and snow delayed my travels, I finally arrived there 24 hours after flying out of Houston! I worked with folks from Catholic, Christian, and Hebrew day schools. We planned curriculum, learned about small group reading instruction, designed literacy work stations, and mapped out classroom spaces. Teachers tried things and brought back samples of their work several days later which was very rewarding!

Here are some photos of some of the work we did together:

Interventionists in grades 4-8 list materials they use in small group instruction

One of the groups I worked with

We took a field trip to see how an itinerant teacher organizes her teaching materials in her trunk!

A Pre-K teacher made a big book of color words and task cards which her kids loved

Big book of color words used with Pre-K

Planning curriculum together

We had a great time working and learning together!

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