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Poetry Friday: A math poem

I have a math poem this week that will help students form their numerals. I like to use this poetry chart, with a rhyme that helps children remember how to make each numeral. Have students write the number in a variety of ways — in the air, on the carpet, on your hand, on a dry erase board, on paper with chalk, markets, or crayons, and so on. Most activities you use for teaching children how to write letters can be used to help them practice writing numerals.

0- Make a circle like an O, then you have a zero!

1-  Number one is like a stick, a straight line down that’s very quick!

2-   Half a heart will never do.  Slide to the right to make a two.

3- Around and around, just like a bee, that’s the way to make a three!

4-  Make an L, but wait there’s more, add a stickman to make a four.

5-  Make his hat, make his back.  Make his tummy round and fat!

6-  Start at the top, slide down so quick, loop back around to make a six!

7- Across the sky, straight down from heaven, that’s the way to make a seven.

8- Make an S, like a snake.  Loop back up to make an eight.

9-  Make a balloon that’s just fine, add a stickman to make a nine.

10- Stickman, Stickman, you’re my friend, add a zero to make a ten.


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