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What a wonderful time I had working with over 100 teachers this past week in Nova Scotia! And what beautiful country! This was my first visit to this part of Canada. It was a bit chilly but lovely.

Teachers were so eager to learn and share what they’re trying with math work stations. We spent two days thinking and growing together. A few things I love about Nova Scotians:

  • their friendliness and warmth
  • their sense of humor (we laughed until we had tears rolling down our faces)
  • their willingness to share and ask questions
  • their appreciation of style and fashion
  • their healthy snacks!

If you attended this training and want to share what you’re doing, please email me at d.diller@live.com. I’d love to hear how things are going. And I hope to see you in the fall at training on literacy, too!

Healthy snacks at training in Nova Scotia... what a great idea!



Me with "Flat Jodi" at training (she couldn't attend, so her friends brought her along in 2-D form)

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