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Since I am visiting my daughter in the Caymans, an ocean poem seemed fitting. This one is from just-published Kate Coombs’ Water Sings Blue. The accompanying watercolor illustrations make you feel like you’re on the island! When I arrived, the first thing that caught my eye on the ground was a small hermit crab crawling over the sand. Love this poem!

Ocean Realty

My name’s Frank Hermit.
Here—take my card.
So you want a house
with a porch and yard?

I have listings for periwinkles,
whelks, and wentletraps;
turbans, tops, and moon shells;
a palatial conch, perhaps?

That one’s not available—
I’m waiting for the snail
to vacate his townhouse
and put it up for sale.

But this place has a deck
and a nice view of the land—
beachfront property
is always in demand!

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