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Last December I blogged about a new friend I met at NCTE. Ranu Bhattacharyya is the author of The Castle in the Classroom and in this great video she talks about her favorite children’s authors. Who are your favorites?

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E-books, anyone?

There is nothing like curling up with a good, old-fashioned print book, taking notes on the margins, and smelling that sweet smell of ink on paper. But I have to admit — when I am on the road, it can be nice to take books with me on an e-reader.

If you are traveling this summer, but would like to keep up with your professional reading, consider taking one of my books along in e-book format. Stenhouse makes all of them available in digital versions: Literacy Work Stations, Practice with Purpose, and Making the Most of Small Groups. Math Work Stations is also available in e-book format, exclusively on the Stenhouse site!

And if you still prefer the print book, but would like to keep up with the times, on the Stenhouse site you can buy the print book and get the e-book for just $5! It’s an easy way to give those e-books a try!

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To register for this year’s Summer Institute in Houston, June 16-18, sign up here!

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Last month my Stenhouse editors Philippa Stratton and Toby Gordon took a welcome break from their Maine winter to visit Houston at the start of our spring season! They visited classrooms at Askew Elementary where I’ve been working all year in preparation for filming a video on math work stations in grades 1 and 2 next fall. It was fun watching stations in action, and my editors got their first glance at seeing a Smart Board being used by students, too! After our visit, they had a chance to dine outdoors before heading back to the airport (and the freezing Northeast!). Their visit was a treat for us all!


My math editor, Toby, talks with a pair of 2nd graders at a math station about their work.

My editors, Philippa and Toby check out the Smart Board in Asma's 2nd grade classroom along with Rebecca, our producer.

Philippa, Editorial Director at Stenhouse Publishers, enjoys visiting the classrooms where I am working.



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I am so excited about the imminent arrival of Math Work Stations! I can’t wait for all of you to be able to see it, hold it in your hands, and read it. I wanted to share a couple of pages with you so that you can see the beautiful, color photographs throughout the book. Enjoy!



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Stenhouse just posted the full preview for Math Work Stations! Take a look to preview the full-color photos and then order your copy! The book will start to ship in the beginning of February.

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About 30 educators in the Houston Independent School District joined with their leader, Ann Sledge, in a four-week after-school book club at Longfellow Elementary. The goup of teachers, coaches, and principals studied my book, Making the Most of Small Groups. I joined them for a question-and-answer session. It was great fun being part of their discussions about the chapters they read. They worked in small groups to read and choose their 3 most important things learned from each chapter which they then shared with the whole group.

Here are some photos from this meeting:

HISD educators have a book club where they discuss Making the Most of Small Groups

Teachers work in small groups to read and discuss a chapter

Meeting and talking about the vocabulary chapter

Sharing what they learned about teaching phonics


Chart made by teachers about phonemic awareness as part of their book club discussion

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I know many of you have been waiting for this moment and it’s finally here! You can now pre-order Math Work Stations on the Stenhouse website. The book will ship in late December/early January, but if you order now you get free shipping and it will come to you hot off the press!

To get free shipping, click here and during checkout enter the code MATHWS.

How exciting is this?

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Meet the author(s)

It’s always fun to connect with old friends. Recently I had dinner with my friends, Carol Lutz and Cara Jean Rayl, from Kokomo, IN. They drove over to Lafayette to join me for dinner. We had such fun laughing, talking, and thinking about what’s new in education. Cara Jean brought a book for me to sign for her grandchild’s teacher. I shared my new work on math stations with them, and we chatted about the book Carol wrote about teaching writing for Really Good Stuff.

Hannah, Carol’s granddaughter who is a first grader, came by to meet us, too. Hannah looked at my Literacy Work Stations book and told me that her teacher has this in her classroom. She said she’s seen it! So we took a picture to send to her teacher from our “Meet the Author” night. I told Hannah to email me, and we could be penpals. Her eyes lit up when I told her my first story was published in our school newspaper when I was seven years old. “That’s my age!” she beamed. I love meeting young authors!

Cara Jean and I look at the Math Work Stations manuscript on my laptop

Debbie, Hannah, and Carol- authors all!

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Just received the copyedited version of Math Work Stations and am working as fast as I can to go through it! I even took it with me on vacation to CO. My husband, Tom, just retired last week and we took a few days off to celebrate. But, I want this book out as soon as we can, so I brought it along!

Here you’ll see what it looks like now. I read through all the copyediting suggestions and agree/disagree with each one. (Mostly I agree.) I should have it back to my publisher in a week or so. I’ll only see it just one more time before you will be able to see it in its entirety! It will go to the designer next, so it can be typeset and look like the final product. I’ll keep you posted!

This is what the copyedited manuscript looks like

Working on the manuscript in our hotel room in Colorado

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