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Have any kids who need practice with forming letters? Here’s a simple idea you might want to try from a teacher in Ward, Arkansas I worked with last week. She shared her magic formula for creating bags filled with hair gel. So fun and easy!  (By the way, this is an idea I’ve tried to pull off in the past—unsuccessfully.)

Cut a piece of white foam board the size of a clear plastic zip lock bag. Fill the bag with a thin layer of colored hair gel. (Dollar stores and discounters like Wal-Mart are good sources.) Then cut a piece of white foam board about the same size as the bag, but a bit shorter, as shown in the picture below. Wrap the top edge of the zip lock bag over the white foam board, and fasten with clear packing tape. Tape the edges, too, so the hair gel bag stays in place.

Provide samples of the alphabet or letters you want students to practice forming as models. You might create several of these hair gel bags for handwriting with different colored gels in each. Students will love them!

A student uses a hair gel handwriting bag made from a zip lock bag for letter formation practice.

Back of the hair gel tool is made with white foam board taped to the zip lock bag for support.

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