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A few weeks ago on my Facebook page I asked what your biggest challenges were as you started the new school year. I will share some of your answers below, but now that we are almost done with the month of September, I am curious to know how you faced your challenges and what you have learned from them. Good luck! Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

From Dana: “Time! The tardy bell rings at 8:15. We have specials at 8:45 (we have to let everyone finish breakfast, go to the class to put backpacks away, to the restroom, and get to specials by 8:45.) We come back at 9:35 and have intervention until 10:30. So realy teaching begins at 10:30 and we go to lunch at 12:10. I feel like I have NO time to teach.”

From Kelly: “My biggest challenge is fitting 27 first graders in the same space that just last year housed 15.”

From Kara: “My biggest challenge was being told I would changing rooms. At the end of the school year, I packed my room with the intention of staying in the same room which I had been in for the last 11 years. Little did I know my plans would soon be changed. With every bad comes something good.”

From Shannon: “I have moved back to second grade from teaching third grade. My challenge so far is getting back into the swing of doing my stations. I have to rework everything for second graders. But I am excited about it!”

From Erin: “My biggest challenge: not feeling like I always have to get everything done! Basically — leaving work at work! I’ve learned that I need to have a life outside of school.”

From Lynda: “Using a new reading series and having two new — and wonderful — teachers join my team. I am also being challenged with finding new ways to motivate reluctant students. But learning new techniques will help me grow as an educator.

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