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As I read the back of the book, What to Wear for the Rest of Your Life, I made a text-to-self connection: I woke up one morning and couldn’t believe my life. I had turned fifty…. Not only had my life changed, but my body was changing without my permission! I had to rethink the way I had been dressing for the last thirty years. It was time for a fresh start.”

Even if you’re not fifty (or more, like me), you might relate to these words! This book called to me from its shelf at Barnes and Noble. Soon it was sitting on my nightstand for bedtime reading. Not only did I read it; I also responded to the book by taking action. I “shopped in my closet!” I took an honest look at what I already owned.

All my friends know that I love organized stuff (almost as much as accessories)! This book just helped me kick it up a notch. I got to work in my closet. First, I created a “Feel-Good Closet” as suggested by the author, Kim Johnson Gross. She says that most of us only wear 20% of our clothes over and over again. So, I took the things I love and always feel good in and put those in a separate part of my closet. Then I added a good full-length mirror in good light nearby. I also folded all my tanks and ts and put them on a shelf (just like in the cute boutiques). I color-coded everything to make it easy to locate. (I had sorted my clothes by color before, but I’d mixed in things I rarely wore with stuff I wear all the time. Now that infrequently worn stuff is in another part of my closet.)

I love it! And it makes me feel good. I’m guaranteed to feel good by grabbing something from this section. Nearby, I have my favorite shoes in a Target-shoe holder. And I hung a few of my favorite accessories on a cute rack from Anthropologie. A while ago, I hung all my earrings on a screen from Lowe’s Home Improvement to make them easy to find, too. I’m ready for summer with my new “Feel-Good Closet!”

My "Feel-Good Closet" as response to literature!

Some favorite accessories hang where I can easily see them.

Earrings organized on a sliding window screen are propped in plain view.

Shoe organizer from Target displays favorite shoes to make accessorizing (and packing) easy!

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