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Walked into Target the other day and was immediately greeted by their dollar store bins, right by the front entrance. Gotta love it! Look at all the cool stuff they have for teachers setting up┬átheir classrooms. Get there quickly! The good stuff goes fast. Warning; buy ONLY what you need for this year… even if it is just one dollar! (:

Great containers! Bought some of the small dry erase boards with pens and built-in erasers for math stations (for students to record their thinking)

Stickers and stamps abound. Nice for your writing work station.

Totes work nicely to hold community supplies for table groups

Little stepstools are great for kindergarten classrooms. Place one by your pocket chart (for little ones who have trouble reaching the top pocket). A small can is nice to put in a writing work station.

These open up into sturdy cloth box-like storage cubes. I think they were $2.50 each, but still a bargain. (...only if they fit your color scheme)


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